Are finger tattoos a Good or Bad Idea? (6 Reasons)

Do you want to know if a finger tattoo is a good or a bad idea?

Many peoples prefer finger tattoos because they don’t like a big and bulky tattoo that’s why they print small tiny tattoos on their finger.

But there are many disadvantages of finger tattoos which I’m going to discuss today in this article.

Why finger tattoos are a bad idea?

Finger tattoos can not be a good idea, Finger tattoos fade faster than any other tattoos Because your hand constantly moves and it pushes the ink out over time and that’s why they fade so quickly.

The skin of the finger is so thin and because of this the skin cannot hold the ink and it starts fading.

If you really want to print a tattoo on your fingers then you should be ready to feel the pain.

Because the skin of the finger is thin that’s why the needle of the tattoo machine will hurt you more than any other tattoos.

Are finger tattoos a good idea?

of course no, Finger tattoos can be more painful than any other tattoo especially on the bone part, the part with no fats.

Finger tattoos also have a higher chance of infection, because they are so all in open you can’t really keep them covered.

You really can’t cover your fingers while working or in the kitchen, and because of that, it can cause infection.

If you want a tattoo which can last longer than finger tattoo is not a good idea.

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Do finger tattoos fade soon?

Finger tattoos are not a good idea if you want a tattoo that can last longer.

There is a high risk of fading because fingers do not hold ink very well and they fade so fast. Generally speaking, finger tattoos cannot last long more than six to nine months.

After six to nine months finger tattoo needs to reprint because the skin of the finger is so thin and it’s starts coming out over time.

But there is still some solution to make your finger tattoo last longer, first you can apply petroleum jelly on your tattoo area, this will seal the moisture inside your skin.

You can also use hairspray or baby powder on the tattoo area to make your tattoo last longer.

But remember that this is not a permanent solution you really need to reprint your finger tattoo to prevent it from fading.

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How long does a finger tattoo take?

An intricate finger tattoo with different colors may take up to 3 to 5 hours while a simple design can be done within a hour or two.

In many cases, a tattoo can be done within an hour but if you are getting a tattoo with very details then it can take more than an hour.

If you are getting a finger tattoo for the first time it will hurt a little, Generally speaking, finger tattoos are more painful as compared to any other tattoo.

Inner finger tattoos pros and cons

Cons Inner finger

  • More painful as compared to any other tattoo.
  • Designs are very limited in finger tattoo.
  • Finger tattoos are always simple.
  • finger tattoos fade so fast
  • Higher chance of infection.

Pros Inner finger

  • Small and easy to hide.
  • finger tattoo takes less time to print.
  • Easy to take care of finger tattoos.

How long does a finger tattoo take to heal?

Finger tattoo will take up to three to four weeks to completely heal. your finger skin will start to look normal after two to three days.

But also remember there is a high risk of infection of because they are so all in open you can’t really keep them covered all the day.

So always keep your tattoo area clean and dry to prevent infection, you can also apply some petroleum jelly on the tattoo area to seal the moisture inside.

I hope this article Are finger tattoos a Good or Bad Idea? (6 Reasons) helped you to find all the answer of your question, You may also want to know What Size Hoop for Ear Cartilage Piercing? 6 Jewelry or Can you Pierce your own Nose with a Gun? (4 Tips).

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