Can I put an Earring in my Nose Piercing?

Recently, One of my friend asked me can I use a regular earring for my nose?

Sometimes people use earrings on their nose when nose jewelry is lost. But should we use earrings on the nose? And how can Earrings effect our nose.

Today in this article we will tell you whether Earring is safe for your nose or not, If Yes How to use it safely.

can i put an earring in my nose piercing

How Can I put an Earring in my nose?

Want to know in detail then keep reading.

Can Earrings be Used as Nose Rings?

A lot of peoples are confused about whether they should use the earring as a nose piercing or not, So the answer can be a little tricky because everyone use different size of the earring.

If you use an Earring size between 18G to 22G then try to avoid wearing it on your nose because a big earring can damage your nose. But if the size is smaller then you can definitely try it on your nose.

Remember that an ear piercing cannot be replaced as a nose piercing, earrings are designed specifically for the ear if you use it on the nose so it may look a bit wired.

You should use earrings only on the ears and nose jewelry only on the nose.

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Things you Should know Before using Earrings as Nose Piercing

Before putting your earrings on your nostril make sure it is not made of any harmful material and the size of the jewelry is perfect.

I mentioned which metals you should avoid and the right size jewelry for your nose. You can check them below.

The material of the Jewelry

The material use in the ear jewelry is different from nose jewelry, some metal is not suitable for the nose but can be use on ear, Before choosing any jewelry for your nose make sure it do not contain Sterling Silver, Iron, Plated Gold, copper, nickel, tin, zinc, and brass.

Always try to avoid this metals because this can delay the healing process and also can cause infection. Even piercer don’t recommend jewelry made off this metals.

Which metal should I use if not using this metal?

There are tons of metals available which you can use for your nose piercing, the best thing about these metals is that you can use it for the ears as well as the nose.

Implant grade stainless steel, titanium, or niobium are the best metals used to make earrings, nose jewelry, and body jewelry. If the jewelry is made of these materials then you can use your earrings on your nose.

Size of the Jewelry

Jewelry size

People make a mistake when using an earring for nose, the mistake may seem small but it can affect you in the long run. So what is the mistake that you should avoid.

You might know what I’m talking about. Yes, I’m talking about the size of the jewelry, the worst mistake people make when choosing 4mm or more size of earrings to use on their nose.

Always choose an earring between 1.5 mm to 3 mm. If you are going to place it on the nose, oversized jewelry can damage your nose and because of this, the healing process can become slow.

Can I Put an Earring back on my Nose Ring?

It is always a good choice to use a nose jewelry back for nose pitching but in some cases if you lost your nose piercing back you can use an earring back.

But make sure the Earring back is holding the jewelry perfectly. If it is loose, avoid it and buy a new one for $ 5 from any jewelry store or online store.

I hope this article clears your doubt and helped you to find Can I put an Earring in my Nose Piercing?, you may also want to know What Size Tongue Ring Should I Get When First Pierced or Can you Wear Earbuds or AirPods with a Daith Piercing? 6 Tips.

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