Can You Have a Lip Piercing & Medusa Piercing with Braces?

Do you have braces in your teeth and want to get lip piercing or medusa piercing, but don’t know if you can get piercings with braces?

A few days before, we published this article which is similar to this problem. But in today’s article, you going to know whether braces with lip piercing are good or bad for your teeth, We will also discuss the pros and cons of lip piercing, and which piercing is best for your lips.

Can I Have a Lip Piercing & Medusa Piercing with Braces? Yes, you can have lip piercing done with the brace without any problem, but it is better to wait until you have orthodontic treatment. The problem with piercing is that the back of the lip or medusa piercing will get stuck in the braces wire and it will be painful for your mouth.

In some cases, braces can get stuck in piercing the wire if you move your mouth too much, for example, while eating food, laughing, etc.

If you have both braces and lip piercing at the same time, make sure you clean your mouth with a salt mouthwash after eating, smoking, drinking alcohol. You can also use your regular toothpaste and brush for cleaning your braces and piercing.

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Do lip piercings ruin your teeth

Many people are worry if their teeth cause by gum recession, enamel chipping, or keep chipping after getting their lips pierced with braces. But this is not 100% true, if you want to protect your teeth from rain then you should pierce your lips in such a way that they are not touching each other.

The most common problem with lip piercing is tooth chipping because the piercing is repeatedly touching the teeth, this can cause chipping of teeth after a long time.

If your teeth are touching any kind of solid metal for a long time, such as metal piercing, then it can ruin your teeth and can also be caused by gum recession, enamel peeling, or peeling.

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Two Lip Piercings that doesn’t Damage Teeth

Want to pierce your lip without damaging your teeth?

I have shared two piercings that you can use with your braces and the best thing about this lip piercing is that they do not affect your teeth, you can use them on your lips without any worries.

1. Medusa Piercing

Medusa Piercing

Medusa piercing also know as Philtrum piercing, this piercing is usually pierced on the upper lips but the question is, Do Medusa piercings ruin your teeth?

Well, this may depend, If you pierced the jewelry to the proper length then it will not damage your teeth. Also, make sure the jewelry is not touching your teeth.

2. labret Piercing

Labret Piercing

The best thing about labret piercing is that they usually pierce on the outside of the lips and because of this they do not touch and damage the teeth.

Also remember that if you going to get a vertical labret piercing then you may face some difficulty in applying lipstick, whistle, etc. But if you want to look cool then it is worth it.

What are the Pros and Cons of lip Piercings

Before getting a lip piercing you should know about all the advantages and disadvantages of lip piercing, You can also see the table below in which we discuss the pros and cons.

Looks cool and SexyFood Get stuck on your teeth till you learn to eat with them
People will pay attention to you (This could be a con)People will often want to see the inside of your mouth
The way your face is perceived can changePeople will ask you if they’re real or not
Whatever you like about themHard to change without going to a piercing shop
You can feel confidentCan cause chipped teeth/gum issues
Does not affect sleep as much as other piercingDifficult to apply lipstick


If you really want to protect your teeth from gum recession, enamel chipping, or keep chipping then make sure that you are taking proper care of your teeth. Be sure to clean your mouth after eating food, drinks, smokes.

I hope this article clears your doubt and helped you to find Can You Have a Lip Piercing & Medusa Piercing with Braces, you may also want to know  What Size Tongue Ring Should I Get When First Pierced or What Can I use to Clean My Ear Piercing? (6 Things).

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