Can you Pierce your own Nose with a Gun? (4 Tips)

Do you want to pierce your own nose at home with a piercing gun?

Nowadays it is very common to pierce your nose, ears, and other body parts by own.

This will save your piercing cost as well the time. but the question is can we really pierce our nose with a piercing gun.

I have seen lots of people who pierced their own nose at home with help of a piercing tool that they have bought from Amazon.

And believe me it looks amazing just like a professional artist does.

Can you pierce your own nose with a gun? So the answer is yes, you can pierce your own nose with a gun. But make sure the needle is clean to avoid infection, you can also take advice and suggestion from people who had previously pierced their own nose before, to get better results.

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Get your nose pierced with a gun or needle

A professional piercer use hollow needles to make a perfect hole on the nose,

I recommend you to pierce your nose with a needle because is hurt less as compared to the gun.

The healing process of the nose pierced by a needle is very fast than the gun.

So I would suggest you to always use a needle whenever you get your nose pierced because it hurt less and heals very fast.

Using a gun for nose piercing would be a bad idea and not recommended by any body piercer.

Where can you get your nose pierced with a gun

There are many body piercing and tattoo shop who do nose piercing with a gun, you can check out you nearest body piercing shop on the internet.

But before visiting any piercing shop make sure the piercer has a license or he have experience in his field,

Also make sure the shop is clean to avoid infection on the pierced area,

A professional piercer can do a nice job as compared to unskilled person.

Always go to a body piercing shop. If there is no piercing in your area then you can also go to a tattoo shop, many tattoo artists know how to pierce the nose with a gun.

Is it illegal to get your nose pierced with a gun

No, piercing a nose with gun is not illegal nor a crime but piercing gun can hurt you more then a needle.

Because piercing gun is especially design to make a hole on a soft skin like ear, But if you going to use it on dense tissue just like nose it may a bad idea.

If you are piercing your nose with the help of a gun, the healing process may slows down and the chances of infection also increase.

I suggest you avoid a gun to pierce the nose, just use a hollow needle.

Is it bad to get nose pierced with a gun

Can you pierce your own nose with a gun

The piercing gun is used for the ear, but some people also use it for nose piercing.

It can be a bad idea to get nose pierced with a gun. The piercing gun and stud are not designed for that dense tissue.

Another thing I want to mention here is, It’s painful than the needle. A professional piercer use hollow needles to make a perfect hole on the nose.

Remember that piercing with a gun takes more time to heal as compared to a needle.

So I would recommend that whenever you are going to get your nose pierced,

Always use a hollow needle or you can go to your nearest body piercing shop for a better piercing.

I hope this article Can you pierce your own nose with a gun? clear your doubt and helped you to find what you want, you may also want to know How much does a lip piercing cost? or Best Types of Septum Ring (Top 10 ).

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