Do you need a flat stomach for a navel piercing? Yes or No

Do you want to know if flat belly can get navel piercing?

So many people don’t know if they can get a navel piercing on a flat stomach or not and because of that they never get a piercing. If you are also looking for the same answer then continue reading this article.

Once my friend gets her first piercing on her navel she told me that she is very uncomfortable with the piercing which she got on her navel, even though she is athletic and very active, that’s why she has a flat stomach without any fat. But still, she feels very tight with her navel piercing.

But on the other hand, I’m am a fat person not so much active and athletic, even though I do not have a flat stomach. but when I got my navel piercing I do not feel any problem with my piercing, it’s very comfortable for me.

Even my piercer told me that “You have a very soft skin on your stomach which is very good for navel piercing”.

Do you need a flat stomach for a navel piercing

Can I get a belly piercing if I’m fat?

Generally speaking, Yes you can pierce your belly even if you don’t have a flat stomach, many piercers prefer to have a fat belly because it is too soft to pierce and does not feel uncomfortable.

The problem with the flat belly is that you will feel very tight with the belly piercing and that can hurt you a little bit to get it done.

If you have too much fat on your stomach, then try to lose some weight first and then get a piercing because piercing on a fat belly does not look good. But do not try to get a flat and tight stomach as it can hurt you in the long run.

Do you need a flat Stomach for a Belly Button Piercing?

Many piercers don’t recommend a flat stomach for a belly button piercing because a belly button piercing feels very tight on a flat stomach.

On the other hand, If you have a fat and soft stomach then it totally fine, even you will feel very comfortable with a fat stomach.

The problem with a flat stomach is that you will feel very uncomfortable while working on a daily basis, you can also feel that the skin starts stretching on the piercing area that’s why the flat stomach can be a bit problematic.

I don’t have a flat tummy but I want to pierce my navel should I pierce it?

Lots of people are confused about should they pierce their flat tummy or not, as I said before the flat stomach can be a little problematic while working on your daily basis, or in the gym, as well as while sleeping. so what should you do if you have a flat tummy.

Just don’t worry about your flat tummy because I have also seen people with flat stomachs in a piercing studio to get their navel piercing done.

Check out This Video Before getting you Navel Piercing

I hope this article clears your doubt and helped you to find Do you need a flat stomach for a navel piercing?, you may also want to know What Can I use to Clean My Ear Piercing? (6 Things) or Can you Get a Full Sleeve Tattoo in One Session? And It’s Cost?.

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