How to Hide Neck Tattoo? For Work or From Parents? (8 Steps)

Do you want to Hide your neck tattoo for work, for swimming, or from your parents?

Sometimes you really need to hide your neck tattoo at meetings, parties, formal functions, and especially if your boss does not permit you to have these tattoos or if you want to hide it from your parents.

The best way to hide neck tattoos is to use makeup on the tattooed area, just take some concealer and foundation and apply it on the tattoo area using a makeup brush, you can hide your neck tattoo using this method temporarily.

how to hide neck tattoo

How to Hide a Tattoo on Your Neck (Video)

It is always better to print a temporary tattoo then hide a permanent one. The biggest problem with a permanent tattoo is that you cannot hide it for a long time.

But if you still get a permanent tattoo and want to hide for a week or so then you can follow the steps given below.

In the steps below I have mentioned all the steps on how to hide your neck tattoo,

How to Hide Neck Tattoo? (Step By Step)

Time needed: 30 minutes.

To hide your neck tattoo you can just follow the given step and I am sure your neck will start looking the same way it does before the tattoo.

  1. Clean Oil and Dirt from your Tattoo Area

    Before applying anything to your skin make sure to clean all the excess oil and dirt from the skin, so that products that are applied on the top can have their full effect.

    To clean the oil and dirt from your tattooed area you can use normal tissue paper or any kind of cotton cloth.Clean the tattoo area

  2. Use Moisturizer to protect your skin from dryness

    Now apply a generous amount of moisturizer all over the tattoo area, and massage it in using circular motions,

    For a better result use an oil-free hydrating moisturizer this will protect your skin from dryness.Apply Moisturizer

  3. Apply Primer to make your skin smooth

    Take 1-2 drop of pore minimizing primer and pat it onto the tattoo, Primer will help your skin to make it smoother.

    It will also prep the area for any products that you will be applying on the top and ensure that the makeup you going to apply on the top of your tattoo lasts all day. Apply primer

  4. Use Corrector to Match the Tattoo with your Skin

    Just like correctors are used to cancel out pigmentation and discoloration on the skin, they can also be used to cancel out the color of the ink in your tattoo.

    A small or medium-sized primer brush is the best choice for applying a primer for a tattoo.

    Use a small concealer brush to dab the corrector onto the tattoo and lightly to blend the edges.

    Also, make sure to use a corrector that matches your skin tone. If your tattoo printed with a dark color then a pink color corrector would be a great option.
    Apply corrector

  5. Use a thick consistency and long lasting Concealer

    For a tattoo, concealing makes sure to use a heavy-duty concealer that has a think consistency and is long-lasting.

    Using a slightly larger concealer brush, pat this into place above the corrector to completely cover the pink or any part of the tattoo that might still be showing through

    Now using a fluffy brush, blend out the edges.Use a thick consistency and long lasting Concealer

  6. Apply Foundation for Better Result

    Use a foundation that is full coverage, matte and oil-free, make sure to pick a color that is closest to your skin tone to ensure that it blends in seamlessly.

    To apply foundation on the skin a kabuki brush works best to pack in the product if you want maximum coverage,

    After which use a beauty blender or your makeup sponge to get rid of any harsh lines around the edges.Apply foundation

  7. If you Need more Coverage then use a Foundation Powder

    In some cases, if you need more coverage then prefer to use a foundation powder that matched your skin tone or you can stick to using a translucent powder to set the makeup in place.

    Use a fluffy powder brush to pack on the product and buff it into place,

    This will ensure that your makeup stays transfer-proof and smudge-proof all through the day.Apply powder

  8. Final Result.

    After completing all the steps, now your tattoo starts looking invisible like magic,

    One thing I want to mention is that it is not a permanent solution to hide the neck or any other tattoo.

    But you can apply these tips for any special occasion where you don’t want to show your tattoo,

    This tip can help if you want to hide your neck tattoo if you are in a meeting or if you want to show a presentation.

    Check the result below.Final Results

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How to Hide Neck Tattoos for Work?

Nowadays many companies and employers do not mind if you have a tattoo on your neck or anywhere on your body parts. But in some professions such as a surgeon, lawyer, teacher, or anything like that where it might still be a little sensitive to have a tattoo.

If your profession does not allow you to get tattooed, it is better to leave it, Instead of hiding it every single day with makeup.

Sacrificing your neck tattoo to be able to work with your passion is equally important because you can’t go through life working with something you not happy with.

Just ask yourself “How much do I want this tattoo or How much do I want this job”.

How to Hide a Neck Tattoo from Parents?

The best way to hide or cover a neck tattoo from your parents is by applying makeup, Just take some concealer and foundation and apply it on the tattoo so that your tattoo looks invisible.

It is not possible to hide the tattoo printed on your neck for a long time with your parents Because you cannot cover your neck every day with a concealer and foundation.

The best option is to tell your parents before getting a tattoo or to get a small tattoo that is easy to hide.

I hope this article How to Hide Neck Tattoo? helped you to find all the answers to your question, You may also want to know Are finger tattoos a Good or Bad Idea? (6 Reasons) or Can you Pierce your own Nose with a Gun? (4 Tips).

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