(13 Tips) I Want a Tattoo But Don’t know What to Get

Do you want a Tattoo but not sure what to get?

Choosing tattooing can be a headache but if you know all the secrets before getting a tattoo then it is no longer a headache. I still remember when I wanted my first tattoo it was so confusing as to what to get or where to get and thinks like this.

But now after a year of experience, I can guide you on what you should do and what you should avoid before getting your first tattoo. If you are getting a tattoo for the first time then you must know 12 important tips which I am going to share in this article today.

12 Tips Before getting your First Tattoo

I Want a Tattoo But Don't know What to Get

Here are the few steps you should follow If you Don’t know What tattoo to Get:

1. Do your own Research

It does not matter who gives you an opinion, but you have to do your own research, because you are going to get a tattoo for a permeant.

I have seen many people who like tattoos available on the internet and ask the tattoo artist to print the same, but they do not know that if the tattoo artist has a good experience or not.

When I want my first tattoo a lot of people suggest me to do this or do that but I don’t like their opinion so I decided to do my own research and eventually get exactly what I want. Do the research yourself! You will not regret it!

2. Avoid cheap Tattoo Artist

Many people get a tattoo from a cheap artist because they want to save their many. but when it comes to art that will be on your body until you die

Don’t expect high-quality art from a cheap artist, as I said before do your proper research before tattooing from any artist.

If a tattoo artist says that they can print a tattoo for $ 50, tell them I’m not interested because you can’t beat a high-level tattoo artist art for $ 50 art.

A professional tattoo artist can charge a minimum of $ 150 for a single tattoo but believe me, it will be way better than $ 50 one.

3. Spend some time thinking about design.

Spend some time thinking about design.

If you like a tattoo at your first it doesn’t mean you going to like it till you die, take your time to analyze the tattoo as much as you can, you can also compare the tattoo with other tattoos design.

It took me one week to decide on my first tattoo because my friend suggests me one tattoo that I like the most but then my girlfriend suggest me another one I like that one as well but I also want to print a tattoo as my choice so it takes me total one week to decide which one is best for me.

Note: Don’t forget to choose a tattoo with meaning or a beautiful tattoo of your choice

4. Check the shop

Check the shop

Before visiting any tattoo shop, check that the shop is clean and also they maintain proper hygiene, to avoid infection on your skin. I know it’s hard to find a good tattoo artist and a good shop, but trust me if you find a good tattooist, the rest of these things will be smooth

If you find a really good tattoo artist then you are 95 percent of the way to getting a great tattoo.

A consultation with a tattooist is helpful if you have questions about your
suitability for a tattoo or just can’t make up your mind about which spot to choose.

5. Avoid Alcohol

Avoid Alcohol

If you want a great tattoo, try to avoid alcohol before tattooing because if you’re drunk you can’t pay attention to the art, and maybe the tattooist prints a different tattoo.

So my suggestion is to not take any drugs before getting a tattoo. If you do not want a bad tattoo then just avoid Alcohol.

6. Don’t go empty stomach

People make the biggest mistake of going to the tattoo shop without eating anything, remember that it takes at least 3-5 hours to get the tattoo done so if you are thinking that you can stay on empty stomach for 5 hours then you Are wrong.

Just bring some snacks or candy along with you to avoid the weakness.

7. Avoid People’s Advice

I think people makes the worst mistake is by coming to the tattoo show with their friends and family member, I know it is little hard but to avoid distractions and people’s suggestion you have to do that.

I think people make the worst mistake by coming to a tattoo show with their friends and family members, I know it’s a bit hard but you have to do it in order to avoid distraction and people’s suggestions.

8. Be 100% sure with your Design

Be sure the placement you choose is right before the tattoo artist inject the ink in to your skin, also check the size of the tattoo this can help you to getting a awesome tattoo.

You can also ask your tattooist for some tips because the artist has lots of experience in his field.

9. Get ready for pain

Get ready for pain

Believe it is going to be painful, if someone tells you that the tattoo is not hurt, then he is lying. The most painful places are those that have the least fat, most nerve endings, and the thinnest skin, the area of ​​bones is also painful. So get ready for pain.

If you want to avoid pain, then choose the right place and do your research before getting the tattoo done.

10. Tip the Tattooist

Tip the Tattooist

If you are low on cash or tipping is not standard where you live, you can always return later with some cookies or other small gift if you feel inspired to express your sentiments. A good tattooist will always do his best whether a tip may be forthcoming or not.

If someone invests their time to get you an awesome tattoo, you should tip them at least 20% of your total amount (always in cash). So do not forget to keep some extra cash in your pocket before going to any tattoo shop.

11. Follow the instructions

Just follow your tattoo artist’s instructions if you don’t want to fall in trouble, Here is a story of my friend:

When my friend got his first tattoo he ignored all the steps of his tattoo told him, then after a week he said that he gets rashes on the skin around the tattoo, because he does not all the instructions.”

As you can see, if you don’t want to get into trouble, then just follow what your tattooist tells you, If your skin gets infected, you can also consult a dermatologist.

12. Make sure the shop has a license

I know finding a professional tattoo artist is difficult but find a tattooist with a license is more difficult.

Hygiene involves keeping your tattoo and your environment clean. If you go to a reputable tattooist or a licensed shop who uses sterile implements and follows proper aseptic techniques, your chances of contracting an infection at the studio are extremely slim.

I do not always recommend a shop that does not have a valid license, the reason behind the shop, not having a license may be the tattooist is not a professional.

13. Maintain Proper Hygiene

Maintain Proper Hygiene

After getting a tattoo you have to maintain proper hygiene to avoid skin infection, as I said earlier, follow the instructions of your tattoo maker.

Follow these tub bathing rules to avoid hygiene risks:

  • Before bathing, wash the tub with a 10 percent bleach solution and
  • rinse well.
  • After a bath, rinse your tattoo part with running water under a faucet,
  • or douse with several clean, large cupfuls of water.
  • Follow this procedure after bathing every time during healing.

Bonus Tip: Get a tattoo from an Experience Artist

I know finding a professional tattoo artist is difficult but finding a tattooist with lots of experience is more difficult. A professional Experience tattoo artist can charge you $300-500 but believe my you will appreciate it.

An experienced tattooist will print a tattoo with more details like outline,shading, etc then a cheap tattoo artist, I highly recommend getting a tattoo from an experience artist.

In conclusion

Finding a right tattoo for you is not so difficult just people make them complicated.

If you want a tattoo, but not sure what to get then just follow all these tips and I can guarantee you that no one can stop you from getting an awesome tattoo.

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