What Size Tongue Ring Should I Get When First Pierced

Do you want to know the ring size of the tongue when piercing for the first time?

Choosing the right tongue ring size when you pierced for the first can be confusing, if you also looking for the same answer then keep reading this article.

what size tongue ring should I get? If you pierced your tongue for the first time then you can use a 16 mm long ring size for the tongue, this size is best and comfortable for beginners. Many people prefer to wear tongue ring sizes between 14 mm to 16 mm.

what size tongue ring should i get

What Size Balls should I get for my Tongue Ring?

Generally speaking, the normal ball size for the tongue ring is 5 mm, many people prefer to wear a size between 5 and 6 mm balls for the tongue ring.

Before picking the ball for your tongue ring it is very important to ensure that you are comfortable with the jewelry.

The size of the ball can depend on many factors like the size of the tongue, mouth, and more. If you pierced your tongue for the first time then I highly suggest you use a small size ball between 10mm (0,39in) and 18mm(0,70in).

You can increase the size of the ball once you used to it with your current ring ball size, also remember that the larger the size the more uncomfortable it will be.

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What is the Shortest Size Tongue Ring?

There are tons of variety of tongue rings available on the market, some are very big were as some are so small, that’s why choosing the right size for your tongue can be difficult.

The smallest size of the tongue ring is 14g which you can buy from the nearest jewelry show or you can buy it from online store.

As I said before the size of the tongue ring can depend on many factors, If you pierced your tongue for the first time then make sure to measure your current jewelry before wearing any other size of the jewelry.

Tip: Before removing your first jewelry make sure to ask your piercer first to avoid any types of injuries and infection.

I hope this article clears your doubt and helped you to find what tongue piercing should I get?, you may also want to know What Can I use to Clean My Ear Piercing? or Do you need a flat stomach for a navel piercing? Yes or No.

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