What to Wear When Getting a Rib Tattoo?

Are you getting a rib tattoo but don’t know what to wear?

If you gonna get your first rib tattoo then it can be a little confusing about what should you wear to cover your private parts while getting a rib tattoo.

Nowadays most tattoo shops have private rooms or some kind of screen for those who want a tattoo on their private part, If you are not comfortable getting a rib tattoo in a public place then you can tell your artist to print the tattoo in a private room.

what to wear when getting a rib tattoo

What to wear When Getting a Tattoo on Your Ribs?

Many tattoo artists recommend to wear any type of loose clothing such as a strap crop top or bikini top, these dresses are loose and easy to remove and because of that, the artist can print a tattoo on your ribs without any problem.

Wear a dress can depend on many factors like where do you live, what are the weather in your city and the temperature in your area.

If the climate in your area is hot then I would suggest you wear any kind of Light clothing, because wearing a jacket in summer is not a good idea before going to a tattoo shop.

But still, if you want to wear stylish heavy dresses then ensure that you are wearing a strap crop top or bikini top inside your clothes so that you can remove your top of the strap crop while getting a rib tattoo done.

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What to wear Before Getting a Rib Tattoo?

As I mention before wearing Strap Crop Top, Bikini top, or Loose sports bras, always a good idea before getting a rib tattoo because you can easily pull off this cloth up while the tattoo artist printing the tattoo.

You should consider wearing something Light in weight and breathable before getting a rib tattoo done because you don’t wanna sit for 3-5 hours in one place wearing a heavy leather jacket you may not feel comfortable wearing that.

Also, make sure that the dress you are wearing is not expensive in many cases the ink of the tattoo can spread on the clothes so it is not a good idea to wear an expensive dress.

Note: Please avoid wearing expensive and white clothes before getting a tattoo, the ink may split on your dress and the ink is super hard to wash off.

What to wear After Getting a Rib Tattoo?

Wearing any kind of heavy or tight fits cloths is not going to be a good idea, any tight fit dress can scrub the newly print tattoo ink, always consider wearing something loose and Lightweight such as Strap Crop Top, Bikini top, or Loose sports bra.

Every tattoo artist always suggests wearing lightweight clothes they don’t suggest to wear heavy and tight fit clothes because this cloth can accumulates sweats and also remove the ink from the skin and this can cause infection on the skin.

Can I wear a Bra After Rib Tattoo?

You can wear a bra after 24 hours of getting a rib tattoo but ensure that the bra is not too tight, Tight bra can remove the ink out of your skin.

You don’t want a tight fits bra to rub against your tattoo. Tight fits bra accumulates sweat and would increase chances of infection, so ensure that you are wearing a loose sports bra or something like that.

How soon After Rib Tattoo can I wear a Bra?

After getting your rip tattoo done you can’t wear a bra for at least 1-2 weeks, but you can wear a loose sports bra or strap crop top.

Most of the bras are made of nylon and because of that the skin starts sweating and which would also increase the chances of infection.

The sooner you wear your bra, the more the chances of infection. So make sure you are not in a hurry to wear your bra, as I said earlier, you can replace your current bras with a loose sports bra.

What Bra to wear After Rib Tattoo?

There are many type of bras available in the market but choosing the right bra to wear after getting your rib tattoo done can be confusing.

You can wear any loose bras like a loose sports bra, bikini top, or strap crop top. these bras are good if you newly printed a tattoo on your ribs area.

Try to stay away from nylon bras and the reason is nylon bra can accumulate sweat and would increase the chances of infection.

Rib Tattoo Experience

I hope this article clears your doubt and helped you to find What to Wear When Getting a Rib Tattoo?, you may also want to know What to Wear When Getting a Shoulder Tattoo? 4 Tips or (13 Tips) I Want a Tattoo But Don’t know What to Get.

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